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We guarantee:

  • the cheapest price
  • the right room
  • the best offer for your individual needs
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Several alpine huts stand on a hilly terrain in the Austrian Alps

We guarantee:

  • the cheapest price
  • the right room
  • the best offer for your individual needs

Service for bikers

Guiding, riding technique training, tour advice & guided mountain bike tours

At Landhotel Agathawirt, professionally guided mountain bike tours are offered together with the Mountain Bike Centre Salzkammergut. Don't worry, all those who still need some practice, input or simply advice, we are of course also very happy to help. From personal guiding to targeted riding safety training, individual tour advice or guided mountain bike tours - as a mountain biker you are in the best hands at Landhotel Agathawirt.

Two mountain bikers ride along the "Ewige Wand" in Salzkammergut
Mountain bike tour along the "Eternal Wall"

Offers for weekly tours for mountain bikers

Fixed tours are offered at least 3 times a week and cost Euro 60,- per person.

Starting point Agathawirt: You have the guarantee that at least three of the tours start directly at the hotel and at least 2 performance groups are offered on the same days.

Starting point Bad Goisern: Another tour starts in the centre of Bad Goisern. The tours are divided into 2 - 3 different performance groups: 200 - 500 hm, 600 - 900 hm and 1000 - 1300 hm. The division into the performance groups takes place on site in consultation with Helmut Simonlehner, manager of the Salzkammergut Mountain Bike Centre.

Starting point neighbouring communities: Other fixed tours are offered with starting points in neighbouring communities. These tours can be booked with or without bike shuttle service - the cost of the shuttle depends on the distance - more information on site - these tours are the ideal alternative to get to know lakes and mountains in the wider Salzkammergut.

An overview of the fixed tours for the following weeks is available at the hotel - we will be happy to advise you. Highlights like the "Ewige Wand", the "Hütteneckalm" or the "Plassen" are of course not missing in any week.

Two people take a short bike break and fill up their empty water bottles at the waterfall
Treat yourself to a bike break in the refreshing nature @WOM media

As every mountain biking guide comes from the region, they know not only about mountain biking offers, but have a lot to say about the Salzkammergut. As trained mountain biking instructors, they combine every tour with a short technical training.

Private guide

In addition to the regular tours, you can also reserve your own private guide who will take only you or your friends out for a tour. The price for the private guide for up to 4 persons is € 120.00 and for 5 – 10 persons € 150.00. For groups of more than 10 persons, a second guide will go along. We will gladly make you a detailed offer.

Technical training

Guests that do not wish to take part in a day tour, but would like to work on their technique should choose a technical training for € 80.00 per person.

A woman on a mountain bike rides on the meadow and has a braking exercise in Salzkammergut
A tour network of around 800 km awaits you in the Salzkammergut region

Special tours

Get to know the mountain biking highlights in other parts of the Salzkammergut:

  • "Through the Auseerland", incl. the Viehbergalm and the so-called "Öfen"
  • "In the Shadow of the Traunstein" – through the region of Lake Traun
  • "The Great Lakes Tour" – via Lake Wolfgang and the Schwarzensee into the Ischlerland

These three tours, including the shuttle service, are offered for € 100.00 per person (offered for at least 2 persons)

Individual tour consultation

When you check in, you hosts Andrea and Bernhard will give you the first tips – the motto is get out on your bike after the long trip.

Four cyclists take a mountain bike tour to the Hütteneckalm and ride past cows
Hütteneck Alm Tour with the mountain bike @WOM-Medien

Our benefits of guided tours


  • Individual consultation during registration
  • Max. 10 persons - Groups organised according to skills and experience
  • Tour briefing and special features
  • Technical tips for the tour
  • Special equipment tips for the day
  • Tips for adjusting your bike
  • Panorama highlights and photo stops
  • Regional information from experts
  • Selected stops: reservations, regional dishes
  • Insider tips
  • Organisation of transport (if necessary)
  • Tours even in the case of poor weather (adapted courses)
  • Punctual starts

By the way, you will receive the photos of the guided tours as a souvenir from us free of charge!

A woman takes a selfie while mountain biking at Hütteneck
Experience our guided tours with individual advice


  • Bike check before the tour
  • Evaluation of participants
  • Info about levels of difficulty and obstacles
  • Knowledge of the terrain
  • Up-to-date path conditions
  • Information about the weather and potential dangers
  • First aid knowledge (guide)
  • Dressing material (guide)
  • Repair set and spare parts (guide)


  • Only certified guides!


A beginner learns to mountain bike in a forest in Salzkammergut
Start mountain biking today

Guided tours for e-bikers

For our E-Mountain bikers, we offer special guided tours and technical trainings.
The price for up to 4 persons is € 130,00 per day tour or technical training.

GPS tours

GPS tracks are offered free for download on our homepage - or ask for "Komoot" for your handy.

Programme for bike-free days

Several times a week, we offer guided hikes with "Betty".

A special highlight is the gondola trip to the Krippenstein – Visit to the Höhlenwelt (world of caves) – Have your photo taken by the peak camera at the World Heritage Spiral and send it home as an electronic postcard!

The 72 lakes of the Salzkammergut (for instance Lake Wolfgang, Lake Traun, Lake Atter or Lake Mond, Altaussee Lake, Grundl Lake or Lake Hallstatt, just to mention the largest amongst them) make it difficult to decide which one to jump into on any particular day.

The World Heritage city of Hallstatt, along with its salt mines, or the imperial city of Ischl and the Eurotherme there make it difficult to decide whether to bike or not. …and then we have the city of Salzburg, which is only 65 kilometres away.

Ready for your holidays? Send us your no-obligation enquiry and spend fantastic days in the beautiful Salzkammergut. For more information we can gladly be reached by mail. We look forward to your visit!

Enquiry | Booking

We guarantee:

  • the cheapest price
  • the right room
  • the best offer for your individual needs
Direct booking benefits
Several alpine huts stand on a hilly terrain in the Austrian Alps

We guarantee:

  • the cheapest price
  • the right room
  • the best offer for your individual needs
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