Mountain bike rentals

Top-quality rental bikes from the local bike shops

Explore the Salzkammergut by bike
Rent a bike for your excursions and tours

Top-quality rental bikes (mountain bikes, E-bikes and road bikes) are available for our guests from the local bike shops. Guests of Landhotel Agathawirt receive a discount of 10% on the rental charge for bikes from the MTB-Testcenter. You can arrange the bikes via our hotel or directly at the individual shops and they will be delivered to the hotel by the mountain bike shops for free.

You can order the required bikes yourself - or WE will be happy to organise them for you. Simply inform us on the desired equipment and size. 

Rates for 2018:

Day/categoryTop-quality test bikes and E-MTBPremium MTB, and road bikes and E-trekking biketop bikes
1 day€ 40,-€ 34,-€ 25,-
2 days€ 78,-€ 66,-€ 48,-
3 days€ 114,-€ 96,-€ 65,-
4 days€ 148,-€ 120,-€ 80,-
5 days€ 180,-€ 150,-€ 90,-
6 days€ 210,-€ 175,-€ 105,-
7 days€ 240,-€ 210,-€ 125,-



"Normal" trekking-bikes are available for free for our guests directly in the hotel! Visit Landhotel Agathawirt and enjoy your bike holidays. Send us your no-obligation enquiry for your stay today!