A short overview of hiking tours near Hotel Agathawirt

Hikes, paths and tours on the Dachstein and in the Ausseerland

We would like to present you hiking tours for every taste around Hallstatt and Bad Goisern in the Ausseerland. You will find challenging summit tours on the Dachstein and other mountains, round tours for the whole family with a stunning view, hut hikes, theme hikes, tours along lake shores and winter hiking paths.

East shore hiking path at Lake Hallstatt

Those who like variety also get their money’s worth, especially children, because the hike can be combined with a short train ride or boat trip. To enter the landscape experience, there are several possibilities.

Experience Lake Hallstatt

The fjord-like lake scenery, shaped by ice-age glaciers, is impressive. About 10,000 years ago, the lake’s today’s appearance was formed with a maximum width of 2.1 km and a maximum length of 8.2 kilometres. Between the shore of the lake and the train track, a gravel road leads over meadows and past singular houses, going up and down and later on also through the forest (bathing opportunities, also without bathing clothes) going south. When you cross the suspension bridge to reach the trench, remember that you look down into the lake at its deepest point with 125.2 m. At Hallstatt station, you have reached the highest point with 520 m. Here the way splits up into 2 variants:

Variant 1: It is worthwhile to take a side trip to Hallstatt with the ferry. The Salzbergwerk (salt mine) in Hallstatt is a special experience for children. With the Hallstatt Salt Mine Railway you will go up to the Rudolfsturm. Those who are already tired can take the train from Hallstatt station to Obersee or Steeg.

Variant 2: You will leave the pier on the right-hand side behind you and reach the village Obertraun after ca. 1 hour. Those who are tired can choose the train back home (but not every train stops in Obersee), the tireless hikers choose to go back by foot and will get to know the wonderful landscape from the other side.

Going back from Hallstatt: First you will go by boat to Hallstatt station and then on the east shore hiking path; or you can go by ship from Hallstatt to Untersee;

Koppental hiking path
Koppental hiking path - Bad Aussee

Koppental hiking path

It is possible to take the train from Steeg/Gosau to Bad Aussee and then hike back from there through the romantic Koppental valley – it leads along the bubbling Koppentraun river – highlight: suspension bridge! – At the end you will reach the Koppenbrüllerhöhle. The Koppenbrüllerhöhle is a water-bearing cave with stalactites and stalagmites that is open from the end of April to the end of September (guided tours every day from 10 am to 4 pm).

Until the end of the actual Koppental hiking path it is merely 10 more minutes walk. Here you will have the possibility to hike on to the idyllically located Koppenwinklsee and the Koppenwinklalm (30 minutes with return). But the actual path will lead us on to the Obertraun high-altitude path (additional 4 km) to Obertraun. Those who want to expand this comfortable half day tour to a day tour can also hike on the Lake Hallstatt east shore hiking path along the lake to Steeg am Hallstättersee (10 km).

Kalmberg and Goisererhütte (1,883 and 1,592 m respectively)

The Goisererhütte with the Kalmberg belongs to the most beautiful mountain destinations near Bad Goisern. We recommend to go up along the Schüttbach – Trockentanalm – going up in steep serpentines; very well farmed alpine hut – it is worthwhile to take the additional 45 min ascent from the hut to the summit of the Kalmberg! – the descent via the Hochmuth is a bit longer, but less steep.

An alternative is the ascent via the “back side“ – i.e. via Gosau – a variant that is especially popular with ski tourers and winter hikers.

Hiking in the Salzkammergut region
Enjoy the most beautiful panoramic mountains of the Salzkammergut

Hütteneckalm (1,240 m)

You will start the hike from the parking lot at Berghof Predigstuhl – from this altitude you will only have to cover about 250 metres of altitude until you reach the Hütteneckalm – with a hiking time of about 3 hours you will enjoy a fantastic view of the deep blue Lake Hallstatt and the Goiserer valley.

Predigstuhl (1,278 m)

Since you can climb the Predigstuhl from two sides it is very well suited for families and groups with different performance levels. Those who are not afraid of exposed passages will choose the path over the Rahtsteig, families with younger children will want to choose the harmless ascent through the forest. No matter which path you choose, a fantastic panoramic view of the valley and King Dachstein will reward every hiker.

Hoher Sarstein (1,975 m)

The Sarstein is one of the most beautiful panoramic mountains of the Salzkammergut and separates the Inner from the Styrian Salzkammergut. Its name is derived from the Middle High German “schor” which means “craggy rock”, and the mountain really deserves its name since it overtops its surroundings considerably. We do not recommend the steep path via the Pötschenhöhe but from the Pötschenkehre – via the Sarsteinalm – to the summit. Hikers with a very good condition can also go down to Obertraun via the long ridge.

A family hiking in the Salzkammergut region
Hiking together in the Dachstein-Salzkammergut region

Heilbronner circular hiking trail

Ascent with the Krippenstein cableway; A wonderful high plateau hike will await you – Heilbronner Cross, 5fingers, Dachstein shark.

Hike to the Hinterer Gosausee

You will start at the parking lot of the Vorderer Gosausee – via the so-called Gosaulacke – back to the Hinterer Gosausee – fantastic view of the Dachstein glacier

For less trained hikers, a round tour around the Vorderer Gosausee with ca. 1 hour walking time, will offer a beautiful alternative.

More worthwhile hiking destinations, mentioned briefly:

  • Loser summit
  • Round tour around Lake Altaussee
  • Zwieselalm in Gosau
  • Katrinalm
  • Schafberg and Zwölferhorn at Lake Wolfgang
  • ....

Maps, detailed descriptions and advice will await you on-site at Landhotel Agathawirt! And if you fancy conquering the Salzkammergut mountains, send us your no-obligation enquiry.

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